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World AIDS Day 2018

World AIDS Day doesn’t seem quite like it used to be.  I guess it is a consequence of both better treatment and successful efforts at removing the stigma.  In NY State, we have been working hard at ending the epidemic by 2020.  Progress is being made, but we all have short memories.  Remembering all those who have passed and all those who continue to live with HIV/AIDS.

Recap – Random Access

Blogging used to be a thing.  Hard to believe something that was once so new is now so passe.  Even I have drifted more into social media recently.  However, in order to preserve this dying format, here are a few random images off my memory card in no particular order.  No captions, no explanations, just raw images.


Was not at all prepared for just how wonderful this trip was.  My family hails from the Canadian maritimes, so there was a lot that felt familiar there.

Blind Spots


The back reads: “Claudette Christmas ’95”

These are all over the house.  Little things that were hung up when new over 20 years ago.  We have become so accustomed to seeing them that they have become invisible.  No one notices that they are out of season or there at all.  I walk by this every day and it passes within a few feet of my eyes, but it no longer registers.  I know the likely explanation for this has to do with the body’s response to a chronic stimulus, but it feels like there is something else going on.

All in for Comic Con


Giving  NYC Comic Con another try this year.  Did not know what to expect last year and put minimal effort into costume.  Just going for the experience this year and not expecting to get into any panels or get that one great photo.

Life Under Water


Sometimes it helps to change your environment when trying to sort things out.  Went snorkeling by the north end of Lake George last weekend.  Have not been snorkeling in a lake since about 1968.  Was nice to step back from terrestrial life for a while.

New York Comic Con 2015





Wow, I really am behind.  Went to Comic Con thinking it would be a good opportunity for some cosplay photos.  Hard to take pictures in the frenetic mass of activity.  However, was great being in another group of very creative people.  Going back this year and will focus more on the experience rather than photography.  Also putting some serious thought into my Mr. Robot costume.

Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2016





Have not even gone through all of this year’s pictures yet.  Learning to edit in RAW format.  Always an amazing collection of creative people.


Part of the steam room works at MassMoCA

Part of the boiler room works at MassMoCA

Have been away from art for about 2 years now.  Find that I am drawn back in – not because I want to, because I have to.  So hard to know where to draw the line between self expression and meaningful communication.  Ultimately, have to do it for myself – weather or not that finds an audience.