Woodland Shade Flowers


It is summer, and everything is bouncing back after a long and brutal winter.  There are a number of woodland flowers that always amaze me.  The Jack-in-the-Pulpit is one of them.

More Time in the Devonian



Spent another weekend exploring New York State’s Devonian past.  Still seems odd to be standing on an ancient ocean floor that is in the hills far inland.  Familiar, but so very different.  In many respects, another planet.

In the Field with NYPS




Spring (Finally – Again)




After a winter that seemed to last forever, spring finally arrived yesterday.  Headed out into the woods that were still brown (except for spots of moss and lichens) but alive with the sounds of spring peepers and upland chorus frogs that occupied every little pond and puddle.


World AIDS Day – 2014


Getting hard to remember a time when it was not with us.  Looking forward to the time when it is hard to remember what it was like.

Art Souterrain 2015 – Possiblement


The selection committee has expressed interest in Tout le monde peut vous voir!.  Hoping to get final word soon. Have had to stop production pending a decision.  Did pick up the floor tiles yesterday because that is one of my favorite parts.



Autumn comes in on golden shoulders.

Wrapping up summer

Raised a monarch from egg

Monarch raised from egg

Friendly annual chicada

Friendly annual chicada

Green frog

Green frog

Wild coreopsis

Wild coreopsis

The cold nights herald summer’s ending.  The monarch emerging in August will soon be heading for a forest in Michoacán.  The nightly chorus of crickets and katydids is growing quieter.  Soon the nights will be silent except of the hum of cars on the interstate and the occasional itinerant screech owl.  There is a beautiful sadness in the waning of summer.



Moon at Perigee… Again


For the second time this summer – full moon at perigee.

Summer in Tuscany


Did manage to spend this summer’s holiday in Tuscany.  Furthest that I have ever traveled from home.  Learned much along the way.