Musings on a Summer Passing

The last of the blackberries have been bottled or canned. Nights have become quiet. The raucous din of insects gave way to voices of a few hearty katydids then finally, silence;┬ásave for the call of a wandering owl or the hum of the interstate now made louder by the loss of a barrier of leaves. Fall came briefly, but won’t be lingering. The first snow has already fallen and quickly retreated, but it won’t be long before it stays.

Mornings are also silent with no birds rising early to proclaim their territory. Random pairs of geese crisscross the sky aimlessly as if they are not sure if they have reached their destination yet. The days are growing shorter rapidly at both ends. Earth and sky will soon turn the same shade of gray.

We turn on more lights to keep the darkness out, but gradually embrace it.

Remembering last summer’s nocturne:


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