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Feeling More Secure


With some help from the WordPress community, I have managed to increase the security of the blog.  I am still getting dinged a thousand times a day from overseas spammers, but the attacks are now bouncing off.

Hacked Again


Can’t believe that I got hacked again.  It was a code insertion attack that happened after I had installed a third-party plugin in this blog.  Took a week to get things cleaned up.  I started getting notices from my web hosting company that I was spamming bad email addresses.  Hackers in Moscow managed to turn my blog into a spam bot.  It was sending out thousands of emails a day.  No spam for the last two days.


Four !


Another Day, Another Egg


Easter Eggs


The nest now has two eggs and the house finches have started to incubate them.

Spring, finally


This small nest suddenly appeared in a window box this week.  Maybe spring is finally here.

April Open Studio


Have had so little time for projects lately.  At the very least, made a resolution to try to attend every open studio at the arts center for a year.