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February Open Studio




February Open Studio at the Arts Center today.  Felt really good to be back there after the last few months’ events.  Took the Blackwing 602 pencils for a test drive – the choice of hipsters everywhere, thought I would give them a try.  Really liked the balance of the eraser/furrell.




The ancient Romans sometimes predicted the future based on the flight of birds (Orniscopy).  This form of divination lacks credence in modern times.  However, in my experience, the movement of birds can often herald the change of seasons.  The “arctic vortex”  brought in a wave of snowy owls – many of them taking up temporary residence at the airport to take advantage of our delicious voles.  This week, warm southern winds were preceded by flocks of grackles and red-winged blackbirds.   Spring may not be far off.

One for Papa Ray


We lost my father last week after a long illness.  He was a quiet man and I am only beginning to realize the ways that he influenced my life.