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Was heading home from the “Y” the other night and spotted something fluttering in the parking lot.  Turned out to be a female Polyphemus Moth heavily-laden with eggs.  In exchange for saving her, she posed for a few pictures.  She also left me with two eggs.  If the eggs are fertile, I will raise them as if they were my own.  She was released into the woods behind the “Y”.

The Polyphemus Moth is one of the giant silk moths that live in this area.  It is not unusual for a female moth to be so heavy with eggs that she is not able to fly.

Virtual Sculpture


I have been working on submitting La Décennie du Moi for a few exhibits.  One issue is that I have only created a few test pieces and have no maquette.  Decided to create this virtual representation of a possible arrangement of all of the elements. Might help.