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Name Change

Ex Corpore

I was struggling with the original title , Ex Carne, for this piece.  I don’t like untitled pieces, but I also think that the title should provide some insight into the work.  I had wanted to call it Ex Ossibus (from bone), but that was largely because I liked the way that it sounded.  I ran across the designation Ex Corpore (from the body) today. I like that batter than Ex Carne – and so it shall be named.


Pole to Pole


More daggerwing encounters hiking in the everglades

night heron

A reclusive black-crowned night heron

We went from Montreal to south Florida in the span of seven days.  Not exactly pole to pole, but as I sit at home with a wicked head cold, it feels like we did.

Nearly Complete

Ex Carne trial assembly

Ex Carne is nearly complete.  I was able to do a trial assembly to take some pictures to submit for a show.  Still needs glass on the back and a few more coats of linseed oil.  It is amazing to me that there is a very active market for relics to this day on eBay.

Ex Carne

Ex Carne

The title, Ex Carne, comes from a designation for holy relics that allegedly come from a saint’s flesh.  This is part of a series of pieces that deal with deconstructing religion.  It is inspired by a number of reliquaries in the medieval collection of the Metropolitan Museum in New York City.

Sound Post in Montreal

Installation view in Montreal

The latest report from Montreal is that Sound Post has survived the first week of display and is still functioning well.

Weekend Project

OK, maybe not the usual weekend project

A little bit off at the elbow

Hot on the heels of last week’s opening in Montreal, I have started working on another project.  I bought these mannequin arms on eBay years ago but have just gotten around to using them in a project.  The idea is to encase an arm in wood and glass as if in a reliquary.

I ran out to get a piece of mahogany for the case.  I am glad that the guy at the lumber yard didn’t ask me what the wood was for – that never goes well.  I found a really amazing piece that needed a to be run through the thickness planer.  Any weekend you use the power planer is a good weekend.