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Incidental Art

The parking lot where I work was re-paved last November –  just when a large red oak in the corner of the lot was dropping its leaves.  It’s a ghostly reminder of Fall.

Man vs Plumbing

new filler valve

It’s not all gala openings and fancy lunches.  Sometimes you just need to interrupt the creative process to deal with plumbing issues.  The old filler valve gave up the ghost this weekend.  I replaced it with a Flowmaster (Uncle Mark’s preferred brand).  Working plumbing pretty much trumps all other endeavors.

Sound Post Redux

Sound Post base with electronics


Vertical assembly

I started re-assembling Sound Post yesterday in preparation for Art Souterrain in Montreal.  I was totally intimidated by the task.  I had taken it apart for storage 18 months ago, and the parts had become a bit scattered about the house.  After locating all of the parts, I wasn’t quite sure how the whole thing went back together (I felt a little Dr. McCoy trying to reconnect Spock’s brain).  Fortunately, there were enough witness marks from the original assembly to guide the process.

Another major concern was static electricity.  Things get pretty dry when the daytime temps only reach the high teens.  I fried the card reader of my computer with a random static discharge yesterday.  It is supposed to be rainy and warmer tomorrow.  I will wait to reconnect all of the wires when the humidity is a little higher.

Although I designed and built this thing, it still feels like a difficult build.  Hopefully, I can get back into the zone and finish it during the week.


MoMA, Report on CEDAW U.S.A. - Sanja Iveković

MoMA, Untitled (Placebo) - Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Something a little more "touristy"

Took a quick day trip to NYC last weekend.  MoMA was amazing as usual.  The untitled piece by Felix Gonzalez-Torres was very moving.

“Cold Hearted Orb the Rules the Night…”

Full moon and clear sky tonight.

Walk in the North Woods

Is is still unseasonably warm in the Northeast.  We took advantage of this and got out into the woods last week.  But it was still a pretty radical change from hiking in the Everglades the week before.