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Someplace Don Draper would Recognize

Vintage motel



Stayed in a little place in the Adirondacks recently.  This motel was built in 1953 and is largely unchanged since then.  We had a great time in all the vintage goodness.  It was really inexpensive and a great jumping off point for some nice day hikes.

Cod Pond

Cod Pond

Sapsucker Damage

Auger Falls



Art Souterrain – Oui!


My proposal for an installation of Sound Post at Art Souterrain 2012 in Montreal was accepted.  I disassembled the piece about a year ago.  I have started to pull some of the parts out of storage.  These are the bulkheads that make up the skeleton of the piece.  I need to work on producing more volume with less distortion before the exhibit.  It may be as simple as using a different set of satellite speakers in the internal 2.1 sound system.