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Happy Holidays

This is the design for this year’s holiday card (Eleven Pipers Piping). The image is of a bag pipe part that I bought on Ebay. Best wishes to all.

Last Remedial Post – Summer into Fall

The persiedsWatching the persieds


Red FoxRed Fox

Gray FoxGray Fox

flat ironSome time in the Flat Iron District

Raised some monarchs

Picked some berries

Made some wine

Maple in front yard

New Moon

New Moon

A shot from a few days ago.

World AIDS Day 2010

Image from AIDS Quilt display in Albany, NY

Still catching up after being hacked.  The Quilt is an amazing piece of history and art as well as a living testament of all who have had to face this disease.


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I can’t believe that I haven’t posted anything since the summer solstice and the winter solstice is approaching.  In the mean time, this blog was hacked (my fault, I should have kept up with updates).  I am still putting the pieces back together.