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Met Fieldtrip

Met Pin
Claudette DrawingClaudette drawing in the Roman Gallery

Claudette had no school on Friday and I had taken a day off – which led to an impromptu trip to the Met for a drawing session for the two of us, along with Claudette’s friend Erin. I never get tired of the Met or drawing there.

Ambient Crowd

I have continued working on the Sound Post project. Although I probably won’t try to assemble the structure again until spring, I have been working on the electronics and audio. One of the things that I wanted it to do is generate ambient crowd sounds when the sensors have been inactive for a prolonged time. I like the thought of the sound of a crowd of people suddenly coming out of an empty gallery.

I have started the process of recording ambient noise in train stations and concert halls. The method that I have been using involves wearing a small stereo microphone and moving through the center of a large crowd. The end result of moving through the crowd rather quickly is that I only record snippets of conversations – I am quite pleased with the effect.


Most Gentle of Seasons

Mike Weed
Wooly Bear
Tussock Moth



It is opening weekend for the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Building at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The opening events featured everything from a stunning inaugural concert to cutting-edge media presentations along with non-stop refreshments at Evelyn’s Cafe.

This has the potential to make RPI one of the premier sites in the world for experimental media.

I took the opportunity to use the opening for my own experimental media project and spent some time recording ambient crowd sounds.