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Chashama windowGallery space on 37th Street

Redesigned sweatshirtClaudette’s redesigned sweatshirt

Chashama is a NYC-based organization that takes vacant store fronts and converts them to gallery space. Last week, they had a conceptual show based on the penny tray. Anyone could stop by and leave a work of art or could take something from the gallery. I left Six Portraits and left with a “drip painting” by Stephaine Smiedt.

Claudette sent down a redesigned sweatshirt that was immediately “adopted”.

My Life in Small Boxes

Comet Hale-Bopp

Remnants of my past are clustered all around the house in small boxes. Periodically, I go through a few to sort things out and consolidate. I recently ran across this creased, undated photo of a comet. Based on the surrounding box strata, I would guess that it was taken some time in the late 90s, which would make it most likely a picture of Hale-Bopp. Also found were some pictures of my 1985 Peugeot 505sti (I loved that car), a second place certificate from the 7th grade Math-A-Rama (my parents were consolidating some of their boxes in the late 90s), and an odd assortment of invoices and product warranties for products I no longer own.

It is good to periodically take inventory of what you are carrying around. This photo was a keeper.