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ICA, Boston

ICA Boston
ICA Boston

Very, very cool place.

Picking up the Pieces


My latest project is very conceptual. I am recovering fragments of cars from accident sites. It also has a performance element as I walk down the road collecting bits of head lights, tail lights, and bumpers in a bucket. It is oddly reminiscent of collecting beach glass some of the pieces that have been in the road for a while even have the same rounded appearance. I got the idea while driving home from work one day. There had just been a minor accident at a busy intersection near our house and there was a fresh pile of small car bits swept to the side of the road. I started thinking about all of the fragments simply swept to the side of the road. I thought that viewers might have a strong gut reaction to seeing these fragments collected together, like so many echoes of a tragedy. Yet, at the same time it may be oddly beautiful like beach glass in a jar.

I have been very uncomfortable and self-conscious while out collecting. I have no idea how this project will turn out.