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Thoughts on Process

Dry run

This is the first new project that I have been working on since I started this site. One of my main goals was to document my process – a term that is bandied about and now probably overused. My younger daughter was horrified that I burned the wood from one of my sculptures and that I was recycling elements from another one. But once a project is finished and I have a chance to step back a little and take a few pictures, I sometimes feel like the process is complete. However, I don’t want to understate the tremendous external validation that you get from having a piece accepted in a show. I will have to think about this some more – back to the current process.

The picture above is a test assembly of Deconstructing St. Sebastian. St. Sebastian is the patron of athletes (especially archers) – which is wonderful irony if you are familiar with the legend. If you look closely, the layout lines on the top look like a basketball court (completely unintentional). I was originally planning on placing lines running on the “floor” from each archer to the target, but I think that I will wait on that. The surface should be very reflective when finished and the lines may not add anything to the overall presentation or meaning. I will put together more of an explanation of this piece when I create a page for it in my gallery section.