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Deus Ex Confilgration


As you may have read below, Deus Ex Machina was declined for an exhibit. Under normal circumstances, I would have just submitted it elsewhere. However, I have been messing with this piece for about five years now and felt that it was time to move on. My daughter and her friends had a bonfire a few nights ago. It seemed a fitting end for Deus Ex – turning it into a bit of a performance piece, my own Burning Man of sorts. It sure did burn well. – Photo by Elise Martin

St. Sebastian Concept

Concept Shot

The concept work for Deconstructing St. Sebastian is done. Time for a little fabrication.

…The Early, Funny Ones

Deconstruction layout

I was hoping Deus Ex Machina would get into Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood this year. But alas, it was declined. It was the heaviest piece (literally and figuratively) that I have done to date. As I recover from hernia surgery (literally), I think that it may be good to heed the advice that the alien visitors gave Woody Allen’s character in Stardust Memories when they told him that they liked his films, “particularly the early, funny ones.” I think that I should stick with lighter fare.

A group of archery trophies sitting the the corner of my daughters’ room gave me an idea for work based on the legend of St. Sebastian. If have started to do some layout work on the project (more to come).

Treed Marmot

groundhog avoiding hawk

A few days ago, for no apparent reason, a groundhog sprinted across the yard and wedged itself in a tree (I did not know that they could climb). A shadow moving across the branches revealed a red-tailed hawk circling overhead.



wild violets

After about a month of hesitation, it’s here. It taunts you with a few false starts and then asserts its presence.