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Deus Ex Rises

Desu Ex 1

Deus Ex 2

I just completed my latest sculpture project, Deus Ex Machina. I started it four years ago, but problems with materials and logistics kept it from final assembly.

Production Shots

Logo shot
Graphics setup
Here are a few shots from the making of this web site. The main logo is a capillary tube balancing on a marble. Pushing the marble slightly into the foam core board that it was sitting on kept it from rolling, but any small vibration knocked the tube off.

You can see the results of the nested marble shot in the My Gallery section of Tangent View.

The Gates, Central Park


I recently pulled out a seldom-used memory card and found some pictures of The Gates in Central Park by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. The work itself was impressive, but what was even more amazing was the way that it transformed Central Park for those two weeks.


Blue Mountain Lake

After several false starts, things are starting to come together with this site. Summer was great and I am looking forward to Fall projects. -Photo of Blue Mountain Lake by Claudette Martin